Frantic Endeavor is an American rock band established in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2016. Drawing inspiration across genres,from Rush to Iron Maiden, Paramore to Flyleaf, each of the six members brings their own unique style. This extensive base of influences gives Frantic Endeavor a radically distinctive and unforgettable vivacity. Singer/songwriter/pianist Lexie Lacock and violinist Sierra Lavoie share center stage with Christopher Prendergast and Wesley Davis on guitar. On bass, Justin “Cheeze” Cheezeman brings an enormous energy and presence, strengthened by the unparalleled expertise of Ethan Jackson on drums and percussion.

“The sound that the talented collective of musicians has achieved is something like you’ve never heard before, each of the 6 musicians has a radically unique stance on their sound.” – ANR Factory, Jan 3rd, 2018 (