On May 26, 2017, in celebration of the release of their self titled studio EP, Frantic Endeavor played to a SOLD OUT 3065Live in Wareham, MA. They have shared stages with several national touring acts including: Trapt, Saliva, Hed PE, Kurt Travis (formerly of Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like birds), I Set My Friends On Fire and Hail The Sun. In 2019 the band was featured at both The 5th Annual Providence Music and Tattoo festival, and The 18th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention.

Drawing inspiration across genres, from Rush to Iron Maiden, Paramore to Flyleaf, each of the six members brings their own unique style. Their songs aren’t just music, they are lush with poetry, an obsessive dedication to technical skill, a perfectly fit puzzle of timbre, and a sound that refuses to be ignored. Vocalist Lexie Hannah fills her captivating vocal melodies with lyrics that touch on relatable topics: fighting the internal battles of struggling with who you are and what you feel, empowering word-craft that inspires, and existential explorations of what it means to be alive.

“The sound that the talented collective of musicians has achieved is something like you’ve never heard before, each of the 6 musicians has a radically unique stance on their sound.” – ANR Factory, Jan 3rd, 2018 (https://goo.gl/JmTNCB)