A Tribute To Our Influence

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We had so much fun doing this, trying to capture the magic of the original to the best of our ability, that we wanted to share this with our amazing listeners.


We had a great time with this one, the video was shot in our home studio with an iPhone along with various clips compiled over a few years. The idea for the video was “1990’s home video with modern editing.” Let us know if we nailed it!

We also covered Zombie by The Cranberries! We took a couple liberties with this one… did we make it more interesting or ruin a classic???


This one is a fan favourite, we got some really good reception to our version of Limelight by Rush! Rush is Ethan’s favourite band, so we had to take a crack at this classic. How did we do?


P.S. If you like the music you’ve heard so far and you want to listen to more, you can check out our latest album here!

Also, please do leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of everything we shared in this post – it would be really great to hear from you =)

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