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…hear why fans describe their sound as “nostalgic” and “the ultimate post-rock sound”.


Our Self-Titled EP was recorded over a two year time period where we went through a few different member changes as we tried to find the right fits for our “Frantic Family.” We hope that you can join us by helping support our journey!

As our way of saying THANK YOU for your support, we wanted to give you a chance to get a special FANS ONLY box set that we have put together which contains a collection of special unreleased tracks: Instrumentals, Original Song Demos, Live Performances, and more! This bundle will not only contain everything extra that we have, but you’ll also receive UPDATES ON ALL NEW CONTENT! That’s right, you’ll get access to all future updates of the bundle FOR FREE.

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Here’s what you’ll get in the Frantic Endeavor Complete Box Set:

    • Frantic Endeavor EP – 5 songs
    • Frantic Endeavor EP (Instrumental) – 5 songs
    • Frantic Endeavor EP Demos – 2 songs
    • Me vs Me (Acoustic) – 1 Song
    • Vault 92 Album Demos – 9 songs
    • Pre-Demos – 2 songs
    • Instrumental Demos – 6 songs
    • Frantic Endeavor Acoustic Bootleg (LIVE @ The BBC in Plymouth, MA on 11/22/16) – 4 songs
    • Lyrics – 13 files
    • All Future Unreleased Material – ∞ songs

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