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“While the rest of the music business is happy with the subpar work others put out, Frantic Endeavor has worked relentlessly to make an iconic tune.” -Elite Boss Radio about Infinite Universe

“Frantic Endeavor’s uniqueness and ability to mold multiple styles and influences into their emotion fueled ballads puts them a step above a lot of prog bands out there today.” -Rising Artists Blog

“Don’t be surprised if you soon see them in the lineups of the biggest rock and metal festivals on the planet.” -RockNBold

What do you get when you combine Progressive Rock with violin and a nostalgic yet fresh sense of Pop Punk clamor? Frantic Endeavor. The band specializes in creating a big room sound with intricate guitar harmonies colored by Sierra Lavoie’s entrancing violin melodies over an ever changing yet driving rhythm section. Ethan Jackson’s drumming on our EP has been described as a, “masterpiece of percussion.”

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